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Mono Sequencer (m4l) 1.1

  • Posted by: integrate live
  • Version: 1.1
  • Upload Date: 10 January 2015
  • Downloads: 1624

Connects via OSC to the edited Mono Sequencer patch that is a Max for Live essentials. OSC setup already for ya
Made it for a friend, it is fun!
Works well, I'm sure there are other versions out there, here is another one! I did pretty much everything... haha.

**1.1-- now works with Windows 64 bit

****Disclaimer: I made this rather quickly, for a friend to mess around. I didn't make visual feedback work and there are bugs with OSC-feedback, editing buttons and maybe some other stuff. Just use it as a simple tool to quickly make sequences on the mono-sequencer and not as a complete and cohesive representation of the mono-sequencer on the ipad. Of course you are welcome to make it 100% workable :)

Everything works fine except the left/right editing buttons for the sequencers don't work well, except for the velocity sequencer (they get jumbled info from all the visual feedback/ parameter changing, could be fixed though) .

Super simple set up. Make an OSC target, and follow the simple port instructions I added on the side of the max patch itself. Make sure to change step numbers and loops at first so you get the max patch in sync with your lemur.

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