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Lemur4Bitwig .1 UP

  • Posted by: .maki
  • Version: .1 UP Stable
  • Upload Date: 17 May 2015
  • Downloads: 1860

Lemur4Bitwig Template .1 Up (Stable)

The stable release of the Lemur4Bitwig Template & Script is now out for download. Thanks to Voice303 who managed to massivly improve stability and performance.
The Lemur4Bitwig script is a Lemur optimized version of the OSC4Bitwig script by Moss.
In this version you find a toggle button, wich lets you switch the mixer channels from Audio/Instrument tracks to Effect tracks, also a new device page and as already said, everything lightning fast.
Find out more by checking out..


Current features:

1. Mixer page, with track & master volume faders, transport, track/bank selection, mute/solo/rec, crossfades, tempo,
track activation, panel modes, arranger modes, mixer modes, add tracks, metronome, save, undo/redo , toggle banks
2. Device page, device/common/user/direct/sends mode, load preset- /category- and creator switch, vst open/close
3. Totally new Clip Launcher page!
5. Pad page, 16x Drum Pads
6. Keys page, Modwheel/Pitchbend/Breath/Expression/After Touch with friction and tension control using Lemur physics
7. X/Y page, now with Lemur physics control and special note pads
8. New Actions on the Mixer Page - Save/Restart/Undo/Redo/Toggle Trackbank
9. Toggle Trackbank lets you switch from Audio/Instrument control to FX Track control
10. Tracknames now show up on the device page


To be done after 1.2 release:

1. New Drumpad page
2. Nexus Version
3. Tutorial video

have fun!

cheers Mark


Installation on Win/Mac/Linux:

1. Grab the script by Voice 303:
2. Put it into your controler script folder.
3. Go to the Bitwig preferences and add Liine Lemur script, make sure to delete the Open Sound Control setup, if you
previously used the OSC4Bitwig script.
4. Type in your device (iPad/Android) IP and Portnumber 8000
5. In Lemur, type in your host IP as OSC Target 0 and port 8000.
6. Restart Bitwig

check the GitHub page for screenshots of installation:

For discussion or help, please refer to this thread on

Now you should be ready to go! Have Fun!


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