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Tomb Live 2.3

  • Posted by: integrate live
  • Version: 2.3
  • Upload Date: 10 January 2015
  • Downloads: 839

Watch this 2 minute video to get a good feel for what Tomb Live is and does:

**2.3--- Now works with Windows 64 bit

**Update 2.2: Noticed the Side-chain compression wasn't set up after the v2 update, whoops! fixed. Also made the transposition different so it doesn't crackle when you change the overall tuning for a sample. Very important for live play!

**Update 2.1: I changed the fader's mode to Liine's new Relative mode. Makes opening the groups of parameters much easier and you won't change the fader's position yay!!
Thanks Liine

**V2 I changed the structure of the drum rack back to original Tomb style. I realized this new style I did took forever to add new samples, so if you had that problem definitely re-download! New instructions are in with the zip, it's a lot lot lot easier to add new samples to the 3 different Samplers now! Have fun :)

UPDATE 1.1*I added a loading fader so you can get preset automation!! (click the 'load' button next to the 'lock loop' and when you load a preset it will also assign that preset to the left/right side of the fader)* This update is not featured in the video

This is it, the new Tomb that'll blow your socks off. This version is similar, but very very different from the rest. I made it way simpler so you can actually use it for Live performance (and production of course). Also I set up the Instrument Rack differently this time, hopefully you'll find it more versatile. With my video and instructions, you should be able to figure out all the features, but here is a highlight:
-Multi-Sampler (3 of them), with 2 sequencers for each one
-Connects to M4l patch with OSC, so NO MIDI setup yay!
-Resizing buttons to make things big/small
-16 preset banks per Sampler with quantized recollection
-20+ parameters to effect per Sampler
-Individual speed, direction and looping edit per Sequencer
- more stuff

You can download this right here on this page this time!

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more stuff of mine:

Have fun with this one ya'll. If you weren't into Tomb before, I highly recommend trying this version.
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