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ArpP 1.3

  • Posted by: integrate live
  • Version: 1.3
  • Upload Date: 11 March 2015
  • Downloads: 2062

Check out this video to get a feel of what ArpP can do (pardon the low quality):

** 1.2 now works with 64 bit windows

*Update 1.1* Fixed the pattern function up, works better now. If you've already made presets, just replace the sending() script. Also added a 'Read Me' if there was any set-up confusion

ArpP is a single note chord/arpeggiator. It connects to Ableton with a Max patch so no MIDI set-up needed! Very quick and easy set up. Throw it behind any instrument and have fun!
----16 presets with quantized recollection
--Every knob and fader can record live automation!! (just double tap to start, double tap to stop)
--Auto, trigger and re-trigger modes
--create up to 32 step sequence with 16 different notes
--customize each note's velocity and duration
--repeat, sustain and freeze notes

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