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Grain Hand 2.1

  • Posted by: integrate live
  • Version: 2.1
  • Upload Date: 10 January 2015
  • Downloads: 2153

watch this (crappy) video to see what Grain Hand looks like and does:

**2.1 now works with 64 bit windows

***Version 2 (by request): I added a second version in the .zip file along with the first. This version has a different layout with 2 pages (1 page is just modulation) making the waveform bigger and a different arrangement of objects. Take your pick! Also both versions have a "lock y axis" function so you can lock your grain size and not worry about changing it when you touch the waveform. Enjoy

**Update 1.2: I added a separate Grain Size knob (in addition to the y coordinate on the waveform) This is so when you change grain size it won't interfere with your LFO or Sequencer. Also you can double tap record its movement! Highly recommend re-downloading (ads another moving parameter to the sound)

***Update 1.1 I made the Range and Offset knobs a double tapping recording function. Just double tap them to record your movement and double tap to stop playing it***

Grain Hand uses an M4l patch to connect to Ableton. I used Robert Henke's GrainFreeze patch and turned it into something completely different! It still freezes audio feeding into but can do this:
--OSC to Max patch (no MIDI setup yay!)
----A live audio sampling granulator
----Waveform displays on Lemur and you can touch it to controll grain position and size!!
--lfo and step sequencer to change grain playhead position!
--trigger mode to turn into 1 voice ganulator with an ADSR
--- all the other functions of Henke's GrainFreeze

***Set everything up and then press the buttons on the bottom right so that everything is in sync with the max patch
it's really fun and maybe even practical.
****Make sure you know how to set up OSC targets on Lemur! ("host" name should be 'your computer's name'.local)

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