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Metaphysical Function Lemur OSC 1.1

  • Posted by: integrate live
  • Version: 1.1
  • Upload Date: 15 October 2014
  • Downloads: 966

*Update 1.1 fixed a bug with SampleRange range fader. Works now, sorry 'bout that

Hey so after many failed ambitious lemur layouts I made in the last week (they would've been great..), I made one that worked well haha.
So happy to share this.
Someone made a MF lemur layout before (

Anyway I made another version, I guess for fun. It has visual feedback, so you can see the automations move and load in presets and get the visual representation of it. Works great. This is setup with OSC so you don't have to do any setup (beyond the OSC target)

Here are some tips for working it you may not figure out on your own:
-To load a preset or randomize it, first press the "External Edit" button.
--When you load a preset, LOAD IT TWICE, so every parameter becomes exactly the same
--To record a new automation, double tap the fader (led becomes white when recording)
--After you load a preset and turn the "External Edit" button off, you may have to turn the automation buttons on and off again on some faders if the fader didn't get the move message.
--When you make your OSC Send message in OSC Settings, MAKE THE IDENTIFIER: "lemur"

--All of these instructions are covered in the video below ;)

If you need help with any setup/use/ just want to see it watch this short video:


more of mine --


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