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Roland MKS-7 editor

  • Posted by: MKS 7
  • Version: 1.0
  • Upload Date: 26 October 2014
  • Downloads: 968

Most software editors for the MKS-7 are pretty lame, little more than tweaked Juno 106 editors. They fail to take full advantage of the MKS-7's multitimbral capabilities, and the slightly different parameter sets of each individual section.

To remedy this, I decided to make my own editor. This one has a separate page for each synth section of the MKS-7, and each tab has only the parameters relevant to that section; no dummy controls.

Additional features:
-MIDI channel selector switch, in case you want to change the default settings on the MKS-7. Also has a lock to prevent inadvertent changes.
-Graphical ADSR display
-Tiny keyboard at the bottom of each tab, for demoing new patches (or playing entire parts, if that's your bag). Unfortunately, these controls don't yet respond to the MIDI selector switch. This functionality should come in a future update.

Future updates will hopefully include drum section tab including a TR-style sequencer and a TB-style bass sequencer on the bass tab. This way you'll not only have a multitimbral Juno 106 in a rack, but also a 303 and 707! Eventually there may also be sequencers for the chord and melody tabs as well. The idea is to make a Lemur template that not only lets you easily make new patches, but also gives you a badass performance interface to an excellent synth usually crippled by crappy controls.


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