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Resolume Arena 4 Controller

Awhile back, sehrinde17 posted a very nice, awesome resolume arena template.
I've uploaded my personal revision - I've smoothed out most of the communication between resolume and lemur in the template by updating osc addresses, and added some personal flair and workflow things I hope you'll like - and made it a bit more colorful!
The Scalar window controls the position in the frame and the scale of layers 1-4. The faders on the left and bottom side of each multiball box control the degree of a crop effect if you place it on each layer individually - these can be customized however you like. This was inspired by seeing the notable VJing group "Single-Wing Turquoise Bird" and their use of multiple-sized images in the frame.
PS some of the position parameters may move in the wrong direction - I found this to be finicky and sometimes it goes right, sometimes it goes left. Customize to your own setup! Also, the "Reset" button sometimes takes two hits. Maybe someone can fix that!

To make it connect to resolume, the absolute best way! (this methodology works for me so I stick to it) ----
1) Create a Comp-to-Comp Network and connect with iPad.
2) Open Lemur editor and lemur on the ipad and send the file to lemur from the editor.
3) Go to the "Open Network Preferences" under the WiFi menu of your mac. Find the IP address in the network "Wi-Fi is connected to ______ and has the IP address ___________.
4) On Lemur, go to "More Settings" under the "Settings Panel" and type that IP address on OSC 0 (or whatever number you're using) where it says "Host:," exactly as it reads in the Network Preferences window. Change the "Port" next to that IP Address you just entered to "8002."
5) Open Resolume and go to preferences. Under "OSC" make the incoming port "8002," the outgoing port "8000" and check the box labeled "bundles." The "send to address" field doesn't seem to matter here.

Good luck, have fun with the template and please send me any ideas/suggestions/modifications you make/visuals you create with it/comments - I've put lots of hours into it and would love to see it progress and whatever impact it has on the visual community. Cheers :)


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