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The Padma 1.2

  • Posted by: integrate live
  • Version: 1.2
  • Upload Date: 13 November 2014
  • Downloads: 491

This one is hard to explain, so if you are interested, please watch this video to see what Padma is and does:

*Update 1.2* this awesome update is brought to you by Macciza. He gave the strings a curve and improved performance. Bravo, thank you Macciza!

*update 1.1* made the hammer rate chooser a quick release pop up menu. Much more convenient for choosing the rate!

The Padma is a Hammered/Plucked string interface. It connects via OSC to a maxforlive patch, so no setup is needed. I made 2 versions (pretty much the same):

The main version connects to a multi-sampler that has an instrument I built years ago, which is called Padma. This instrument was my experiment blending traits of a santoor, hammered duclimer and zither.
The other version is open to be put in front of any instrument you'd like (as a MIDI effect).

This is an interface with strings (14 strings) you can pluck or hold, hammer, tune and mute. It's experimental, so have fun with it! Obviously not practical for most playing situations.


more of mine--

Very simple interface though.


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