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Lexicon MX400

  • Posted by: Dave Thomas
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  • Upload Date: 23 November 2014
  • Downloads: 473

This template is designed for real-time editing of the Lexicon MX400 reverb/multi-FX unit. It uses the MIDI CC map for the "Routing 4 Dual Stereo Effects, Stereo Effects" on pages 47-48 of the user manual. This template has three pages: (1) Global, (2) Effect 1, and (3) Effect 2. The Global page has controls for bank/program select, activate/bypass for the unit or individual effect slots 1 and 2, effects routing, and mix for each effects slot. There is also an XY pad with selectable range for real-time movement of effect mix 1 and 2, based on my Dual Filter Balls template. The two effects pages each have a selector panel for the effect type, sliders for each effect's relevant parameters, mix, and an active/bypass switch. The selector panel also has a "Randomize!" button (last button), which randomizes the parameters for the selected effect type.


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