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  • Posted by: Jared Pittman
  • Version: 0.1.2
  • Upload Date: 8 December 2014
  • Downloads: 689

I use this template to control IEM mixes as well as an Ableton Live FX rig for a 5 person band. The mixer section controls a MOTU 1248 over OSC, and the Ableton section controls various FX using MIDI channels 5-11.

This is my first attempt at making something from scratch in Lemur, so please forgive my extremely un-elegant scripting. As of 12/5, all of the mixer functionality is working, although the OSC routings must be mapped into OSCulator, and then sent to the 1248. You shouldn't have to re-route anything, just direct all arguments in OSCulator to your 1248. Still waiting to hear back from MOTU for the correct way to access their boxes directly from Lemur.

My pre-set OSCulator template is available here:

I will upload a template file for the 1248 here soon as well, stay tuned.

This project is only partially finished, and I will be updating it as regularly as I can (as well as adding new functionality)

initial release, probably full of bugz

fixed pan knobs and incorrect sends
set correct path for stereo groups
fixed incorrect mute & solo paths
added 12 more channels (24 to 36)

fixed more incorrect paths
(recently used this save for a show, so the names are still set for that. Will reset with standard track names soon)


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