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Waldorf Blofeld DT 2015

  • Posted by: Jay Dspace
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  • Upload Date: 23 February 2015
  • Downloads: 1063

Finally, the updated 2015 template for Waldorf Blofeld is here!

The other user library template is broken on Lemur version 5 due to changes in the app.
So use this one instead.

Edit most of the settings on the Blofeld, including the details of arpeggiator and Effects routing.

Most obvious changes are:
* Works with Lemur version 5 or greater!
* Works with 'final' Blofeld firmware version 1.22

To use:
Set MIDI receive channel to 6 or OMNI in Blofeld's Global settings and be in single instrument mode (not multi).

* Will not read a patch from Blofeld, we are limited by Lemur SYSEX message receive size.
* Will not edit multi-mode instruments.

Forum thread:

BJ and Jay

PS- Greetings! BJ if you're reading this. I do hope that you're doing well! :)


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