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amBe ||

  • Posted by: integrate live
  • Version: 1.0
  • Upload Date: 9 March 2015
  • Downloads: 2015

watch video to see amBe II (2 minutes):

demonstrations of setup and explanations on here:

amBe II is a multi-looper built in max for live and controlled exclusively by this lemur layout. Setup is extremely simple (see below).
_3 loopers
_individual playback and fx processing
_3 playback modes: standard, granular, and sequencing
_touch displayed waveform for loop heads
_global modulation from 4 sources: envelope, lfo, sequencer, and custom recording
_record live input (optionally while looping it)

also included is a single looper version for simpler looping and saving cpu.

*setup: make an OSC target on the lemur app, and set the port number and ipad IP on the max patch.
*After you make connection, drop in an audio file, or folder, or record audio. To start playback, press the pause button and then the refresh button.

if you have questions about functions/setup or any comments, etc email me:



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