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Classic Drum Machinex16

  • Posted by: Carroll Vance
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Upload Date: 23 May 2015
  • Downloads: 671

Have you ever wanted a simple yet effective drum sequencer with a touch interface that let you sequence beats in a 16x12 grid without too much nonsense? Ever wanted a way to easily switch between rows of your drum kit in Battery 4 with single touch? Ever felt like you are clicking hundreds of times just to make the velocity of your notes sound right in your rigid DAW sequencer which isn't designed for a fast beat making workflow?

Enter Classic Drum Machinex16, a combination of Lemur and Reaktor with one purpose: No nonsense 16x12 drum sequencer specifically geared towards modern octave based drum VST instruments. Sequence your beats in the grid and then assign them one of four velocity sequences which can be drawn via touch.

The reason Reaktor is used instead of native Lemur step sequencer is because many hosts have difficulty with external MIDI clocks. Reaktor ensures that the step sequencer will not glitch out or get out of sync due to a buggy host MIDI implementation.

Pictures here:,54I3pT4


1. Load the Reaktor ensembles and go to File -> OSC Settings.
2. For "OSC Receive" Receiving port I recommend choosing 10000 (default)
3. Check "Activate" to make sure Reaktor is listening for the OSC messages.
4. In "OSC Send" tab configure Reaktor to send to your tablet (usually at port 8000)
5. Enable editing on the ensemble, open the connect property of "OSC Send Step"
6. Send it to the Lemur connection you setup in step 4.
7. Load the module into your Lemur template
8. Configure Lemur to send OSC traffic to Reaktor's IP address and port you chose.
9. In the "SwitchesSeq" object, set osc_num to the number OSC send you used for Reaktor. Note this is 1 by default, not 0. If these numbers do not match the template WILL NOT WORK.
10. Enjoy making some beats!

Reaktor Ensemble 1.0 Download:


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