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Champagne Horizon's Hotcue drummer mapping v2.0

  • Posted by: Brett DJ Brett B
  • Version: 2.0
  • Upload Date: 16 May 2015
  • Downloads: 197

Champagne Horizon's hotcue drummer mapping version 2.0 ... a fun tool to be used alongside any mixer or controller. I built this out of frustration of my Traktor S4 mk1's small buttons, which have become worn over time, difficult to press, and sometimes get stuck. The hot cue buttons are not just small, but widely spaced from each other, and the mk1 S4 lacks a flux-mode button. With those issues in mind I created this mapping, and it has changed the way I DJ, and I pretty much refuse to mix without it! Large touch sensitive pads for decks A and B. Each deck has 8 large hot cuepads, large flux-mode pad, headphone cue pad, play/pause pad. Has smaller pads to assign one or the other as the "master" tempo, and pads to key/pitch sync the other deck, tempo sync, or reassign the other deck as the master (only can be assigned while a track is playing in that deck, as in hit play and then select it as master). Has "snap" and "quantize" pads which can help snap the track to the beat-grid to stay perfectly on beat, or turned off to have precise drum-pad-like control. I have the Lemur (.jzml) and Traktor (.tsi) files for a simple install.

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