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Modumat 16 Step

  • Posted by: Mat
  • Version: 6
  • Upload Date: 16 September 2013
  • Downloads: 1783

Stepmodulation of Midi Control Change data with variable steps (up to 16), timing, range for the output, interpolate-function and 15 presets. Route to any Midichannel or Controllernumber with a drop-down menu (Midi I/O 0). - - - - - new version 6 also includes random switches for each step: if activated a random value is routed to the corresponding slider each time it was triggered - - - - - - The zip comes with a sync and a unsync version. In the sync the timing is synchronised to your application software (needs clock input on Midi target 0) and you can choose the length of the steps from 128th up to 1/2 bars (new v6 also include triplet grids). In the unsynchronised version you control the BPM with a fader - - - - Zip contains legacy (v4) and Ipad (v6) resolution - - - - Enjoy!


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