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  • Posted by: Andrew Maillet
  • Version: 1.2
  • Upload Date: 27 June 2015
  • Downloads: 831

Mapping software controls directly to accelerometer coordinates can result in jittery streams of data that are awkward to process. The Table is a simple module that feeds your iPad's accelerometer coordinates into a RingArea object. The built-in physics emulation makes the ball's motion smooth and regular, easily mapped into your performance interface or DAW. Watch the ball roll across the screen as if you are manipulating a real ball on a tipping table, and hear the difference!

The module allows you to select the density of attraction points, and to adjust the RingArea's attributes using simple faders. The module also allows you to freeze the attraction point on either axis, or both. Try turning the friction down to achieve complex spinning effects. Use fewer attraction points to create stuttering, quantized motion. Map to sample pitch, filters and audio effects for exciting production and performance applications.


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