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circuit 1.0

  • Posted by: integrate live
  • Version: 1.0
  • Upload Date: 8 September 2015
  • Downloads: 1676

Watch this video to see a little of circuit in action:

circuit is Lemur controller synced to a Max / MaxforLive device via OSC (no setup). It is an experimental audio effect for creating textures, reverbs, delay and more. You can send the incoming sound into up to 16 different pathways, represented by circles. The main focus of the project are these circles which are an xy pad and visual representation for a desired list of parameters.

Process the sound in the individual pathways with delay, degrade, multi-loop, resonate, filter, feedback, blur, re-pitch and more. Use a preset system to modulate parameters.

Any questions/comments/requests/etc -

Thanks for your interest!


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