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Gabriele Pellegrini

Original project i Search Milton !!!
I have only added other controls, but it is not finished yet. I do checks for EFX1-2 and distortion through sysex are 7 controls EFX if someone interested in helping me finish well controler for TB-3. I put the keyboard that allows you to record in real time on TB-3 with the iPad but I have a problem Accent works, the slide is not working.
I 'still experimental Serch Milton thank you very much for having started the work because I find it really useful and I hope also that Roland gives Sysex manual for TR-8 VT-3 SBX-1 MX-1. TB-3 was not expecting anyone that you could go so deep into the system not only for DC Cutoff etc.
Sorry for my English.
Greetings to all


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