User Library

ETC EOS Remote

8 Faders with Labels
+ Fader Pages
+ Faders light up when when intensity>0.0
+ Fire/Stop Buttons
+ Press the labels for load!
+ Go/Stop Button with Time Progress

Direct Selects
+ Dual 25 DS Containers with Flexi
+ Pages
+ support for Groups,Presets,Int-,Color-,Beam-Palettes, FX & Chans

Attribute Editor (WIP)
+ Softkeys
+ Pan/Tilt Dials

Command Wing
+ Full Keyboard Controls
+ Color Seperation for easier Orientation

+ Fine/Coarse Level Wheel
+ Full Command Line Feedback on every Tab, touch the Command Line to clear it!
+ Live / Blind toggle & feedback
+ Battery Monitor (press to show percentage)

… optimized for iPad Mini

everything is transmitted via OSC1. For Setup on Eos check Show Settings, enable String RX, String/OSC TX set appropriate IP & Port for Lemur and set TX to 8000.

0.53 Bugfix Zero Button
0.53 Bugfix default Labels
0.52 Bugfix Direct Selects
0.5 Added Direct Selects, Clear CMD Line Feature
0.31 Bugfix ("/" Key issue solved)
0.3 Bugfixes (Fader Assignment, LiveState), Fader-Stops & cosmetics
0.25 Level Wheel on every tab, highlighted Sub-Loads, unfied layout
0.21 bugfixes on the faders
0.2 added viewbuttons to the command keyboard

this project can also be found on ETC's github:


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