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  • Posted by: Rad3d
  • Version: Beta 0.8.1
  • Upload Date: 14 January 2016
  • Downloads: 1303

ChordMonkey was designed as a live performance tool for musicians needing chord progression control from their foot controllers. The template tries to provide the maximum amount of flexibility from any single trigger press.

The template is also optimized toward playing with a live drummer. While there are some tempo controlled functions available, there is no syncing to external clocks or looping. All timing functions are designed around the ability to tap tempo in and play either chords or start short riffs in real-time that can be played closely in sync with a live drummer without the use of a click track.

ChordMonkey is designed to work with momentary switches as trigger sources. Should work well with pedals like the KMI SoftStep, Looptimus, Behringer FCB1010, Lodigy UMI3, Line6 FBV, etc. It is not configured to work with latching switches because of the need to read the ‘up’ state of most triggers.

Key Features:
- 48 Presets for storing chord progressions and device settings
- 12 Device destinations/definitions (iOS or external Midi)
- 8 tracks of up to 8 chords or tempo controlled riffs per progression
- Individual device linking for each track
- Extensive triggering controls including track mirroring, chord hold and track resets
- Chord strumming
- Auto Modulation definition per chord
- CV Mode allowing a single pedal to control up to 24 CC values at once
- Midi Learn mode for most trigger controls
- and much more...

Quick Reference Manual available at:

1/13 - Updated to Beta 0.8.1 - Memory Optimizations, fixed Auto-Mod, Track Editor Chord Learn, Others


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