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Champagne Horizon v.3

Visit the Facebook page I linked to this below and not the Dropbox link... the Traktor files . tsi are posted on my FB page, they are hosted on and should have a download link, leave a FB message of any issues/comments, thanks
(Line Lemur with iPad resolution mapping, for Traktor users)Large touch-sensitive buttons for hot-cues 1-8, headphone cues, play/pause for ALL DECKS! One page is decks A/B, and next is C/D.. which does all the same features including assigning one deck as master (has to be playing to be assigned master), sync, double or half the tempo/BPM, reset BPM, quantize, sync, and Flux mode on/off. Also, there is a page for Freeze-Mode slicing... control the length of a freeze (how many beats you want to be included in a loop, and it will be sliced into 16 different segments). You have the control to change the loop length (how many beats in the loop, such as 4 beats, 8 beats, 16 beats, etc.... which then get cut up into 16 different parts that can individually be played) and also the loop/slice position (move the loop which is being sliced into 16 segments either forward or backward... an 8 beat-long loop would be moved forward or backward by 8 beats, and regardless be sliced into 16 segments that can individually be played like a drum pad... 16 beat loop = 16 individual 1-beat-long slices in drum pad style, looped... 8 beat loop = 16 slices that are 0.5 or 1/2 beat long segments, 32 beat loops= 16 slices that are 2-beat-long segments, etc.)
There are 2 .tsi mappings to upload into Traktor, and here is the link to them:
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