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  • Posted by: Andrew Maillet
  • Version: 1.1
  • Upload Date: 22 January 2016
  • Downloads: 2474

Strum is an intuitive touch-operated MIDI interface for Lemur on iPad. Choose a scale or chord using the selection matrix at the top, and strum your finger across the bars to unleash notes in a rapid array, just like a guitar or harp. Move your finger vertically up and down the bars to manipulate a control value, mappable to pitch bend, filter frequency, or any other instrument parameter. Strum supports a keyboard range of one to five octaves, variable tension, friction, and range settings, three play modes (including the unique auto-sustaining “strum” mode), and a bank of five chords or scales that can be swapped instantly via the left chord selector buttons. Strum is ideal for playing plucked string samples, controlling warbling basses and pitch-bendy leads, improvising melodies across difficult scales, or simply playing chords within a desired key.

Strum has two active variables:
'notes' = sends note on and note offs to MIDI channel 1
'control' = MIDI CC value mappable to an instrument parameter of your choice

Take a tour of Strum’s inspiring possibilities with the demo video here:

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