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Yamaha TX81Z Single

  • Posted by: midisexual
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Upload Date: 12 June 2016
  • Downloads: 1337

A single page template for controlling the Yamaha TX81Z FM synthesizer.

- Diagrams for each algorithm
- Ability to send the current state of the patch all at once
- Standard interaction with attack, decay, release parameters (instead of Yamaha's weird implementation)
- Easy transpose up/down octave

1.1.0 Update adds:
- Correct channel selection
- Switching patches on the TX81z will load them into the interface for bidirectional editing
- Bugfixes, many around the Send Patch function.

Known Issues:
- When loading the template, Lemur outputs the content of all knobs, overloading the TX81Z. Best to start with Lemur disconnected, or resend the patch after load.
- Bulk send of patch values to TX81Z is slow by design, because the TX81Z overloads easily.
- Shown frequency value does not reflect "Fine+" slider changes (because its a huge pain to script out).

This template is a highly modified / bugfixed version of Brandon M's template. Big thanks to him!

I've created a Gearslutz thread, if you have any questions or comments :)


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