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Volca FM (TX816V5)

  • Posted by: midisexual
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Upload Date: 4 May 2016
  • Downloads: 1845

This template is a remix of Giridhar's excellent TX816/DX7 template. Big thanks!

I added a few features, mostly relating to interfacing with the Volca FM. The Volca only responds to full patch dumps, not changes of individual sysex parameters, which the old template did not support.

- Updating the Volca via the iPad!
- Random generators, either globally or for each operator/common attributes
- Ability to load patches from another source via midi (laptop, etc), edit them, and then spit those out to the volca.
- Template still works for the older synths.

v1.0.1 : Added some sane defaults. Fixed mismatch between displayed and outputted values.

- Sending patch updates cause pops in audio. This is the nature of the Volca FM.
- A few parameters in the interface aren't for Volca FM (Operator select, operator on/off, maybe others)
- Play with the refresh rate knob to balance between faster response and not sounding choppy. Sending will always happen if you let go of a slider.
- Be careful, extreme volume change is likely
- Random generator produces quiet patches, I think just due to the nature of complete random.
- Patch names are auto-generated at this point, as creating a naming screen in lemur is somewhat painful. Likely will do this soon though.
- Some legacy DX7 patches don’t play on the Volca FM currently, and this may be the same with the randomly generated ones.
- The random generator spits out the same sysex multiple times generating random, due to quirks with lemur and the design of the original template. Takes slightly longer to load, but the synth has no problems.

I've created a Gearslutz page if you have any questions/comments


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