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Technocity controller

  • Posted by: Jay Cheng
  • Version: 1.0
  • Upload Date: 21 November 2016
  • Downloads: 222

Technocity is a step sequencer made by AtoV Project, which can be downloaded here

This controller maps most of the Midi-mappable controls on the device, as well as providing a keyboard I adopted from one of the factory projects which I use mainly for transposing.

Mapping everything takes a bit of time so I've included a Live project that has the Technocity pre-mapped for you to quickly have a go at it. Included also is an FX rack that wraps around Technocity, which quantizes the scale and adds chord input options using mainly factory preset scales and chords. The rack also adds another layer of randomization possibilities, most importantly velocity.


Known issues:

- Some of the switches do not reflect the current state of the device, including "Clock", "Sequencer running mode", "Midi In Mode" and a few others.

- It's not possible to set the Step No. to 19 via this controller. And when the 'Steps' fader is at 19, the value on the device is actually 20.

The rest of the step numbers correspond correctly.

- The reset button for "Swing" will set it back close to 0%, but not exactly (0.39%).

I've yet to learn how to fix these since this is the first time I've tried to make a template myself. But I think they're pretty minor issues and don't prevent me from having fun with it, so there you go.

I also regret that it's made for 12.9 iPad Pro. Not sure how it's gonna turn out on differently sized iPads.

Many thanks to AtoV Project for answering my many queries regarding the device when I worked on this and, of course, for putting out such a killer device. It's lots of fun. Enjoy.


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