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Dual XYs for FH-1

  • Posted by: Phil B
  • Version: 1.0
  • Upload Date: 17 December 2016
  • Downloads: 166

Two MultiBall pads: the Left pad controls Outputs 1-4 of the FH-1 and the Right pad controls Outputs 5-8. Two outputs for each axis of each pad: forward and reverse. Controls for each XY pad: physics controls, switch between free run vs locked x-axis vs locked y-axis, and a range slider for each output to constrain the part of 0-127 covered by the each output (e.g., allowing you to keep the FH-1 set at +/- 5V but still only addressing 0-5V of an output. Monitors all over. Would love to add 14bit MIDI CC support in the future ... when I learn how to do it!


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