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  • Posted by: Rheyne
  • Version: 26
  • Upload Date: 15 January 2017
  • Downloads: 188

The most current (as of Jan 2017) Lemur template for my studio. No ALS is included, but instead is offered as a MIDI controller you can use for any DAW or MIDI device, and can be edited and customized to work with your own setup.

The controls are mapped to very specific MIDI channels and CC#'s to work with my setup, and the numbering of these controls has gotten a bit scattered over the years, due to changes in the studio. New controls have also been added onto existing pages which created some congestion, but you can delete controls you don't need to make the pages a little less claustrophobic.

Please note, the "visuals" page is mapped to MIDI-1 rather than the usual MIDI-0 port, since this page was controlling a second computer. It will need to be edited in the iOS or desktop editor before it can transmit MIDI messages with the rest of the template on MIDI-0, but be aware, by doing this it may cause conflicts with existing MIDI-0 mappings.

Also, the "lighting" controls will not actually transmit DMX (the protocol, not the rapper) without a DMX to USB converter, but can still be used as a bank of faders.

Many users have gotten a lot more creative with their templates than what I'm capable of designing, so if anyone feels inspired to visually-enhance this template, I'd be interested to see the results!

If you have any questions, feel free to email rheynemail (at) gmail (dot) com.

Jon B (@RheyneMusic)


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