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Novation Circuit Editor

  • Posted by: Yohan Boizat
  • Version: 6.5.8
  • Upload Date: 22 February 2017
  • Downloads: 1288

The most Fully featured Novation Circuit editor for iPhone

Reveals all Hidden features making this box a real Monster!

Inspired from the official Isotonik Studios Editor Pro

Main features:
- Synth 1/2 editor
- Direct waveform selection !
- Synth settings Copy/Paste capability !
- Drum 1/2 editor
- Clever initialization method !
- Session / Mixer / Sidechain / FX controls
- Matrix / Macros
- Full Matrix Copy/Paste capability !
- Dedicated Initialization panel
- Select each group of parameters you want to initialize whichever group it belongs to !
- MIDI in for visual feedback

What's to come
iPad version
Patch sysex import/export
Full Randomizer
...Several hours of work (and a lot of fun!)

Any question? contact me at facminimal[at]gmail[dot]com

You can support me at


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