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  • Posted by: Roland Nebe
  • Version: 1.0
  • Upload Date: 6 May 2017
  • Downloads: 70

Updated, bugfixed and tested: tabbed adaptation of Ciaran Byrnes Jomox Airbase 99 Panel.

For the Phone version, the instruments have been grouped into 5 Tabs:
1 - Bass Drum, Snare Drum
2 - Hihat
3 - Clap, Rim
4 - Crash, Ride
5 - Toms, LFO

A control section to fully represent LFO controls and modulation targets has been added. Your airbase needs the latest AirBase99 OS 1.15, or better yet the slightly more capable JaZBase03 OS 1.01 (this enables peak time CCs, and works in AirBases and JaZBases.) If you need to update your Instrument, as of 2017 you can still track down the EPROMS on eBay.

This has been updated, bugfixed and tested with Lemur 5.3.3 on a phone with pretty low resolution (Lenovo B), so it makes the most of the available screen real estate while avoiding clutter.


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