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Voice Rotator

  • Posted by: Ashville Guru
  • Version:
  • Upload Date: 15 June 2017
  • Downloads: 196

Enables each note in a chord to be sent to a different voice. For example, you could add different voices to recreate a quartet.

Works via MIDI channels, so your voices need to be set up on subsequent MIDI channels starting from 1. The number of voices can be set using the knob. NOTE: Make sure the MIDI controller and sound engine are both set to 'MIDI O' in the setup.

For example, if you want to recreate a string quartet, set Violin1, Violin2, Viola and Cello on MIDI channels 1,2,3 and 4 respectively. Holding down four different notes will now send them to these four different instruments.

There's also a monitor which displays the last channel. You could also use this for restricting polyphony.


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