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Modor NF-1(m) Controller

  • Posted by: Grimulkan
  • Version: 1.2
  • Upload Date: 20 August 2017
  • Downloads: 30

A patch and performance editor for the Modor NF-1 and NF-1m (w/ full SysEx support).

v1.2 update: Fixed more syncing & CC bugs + removed bug that caused the "get" button to be always active + prioritized "puts" over "gets"
v1.1 update: Fixed some syncing bugs + removed a wayward debug message

* Syncing of ALL parameters via SysEx and/or MIDI CC.
* Patch/bank changing & auto syncing of all parameters - a great way to browse presets!
* Visual envelopes - makes editing the 4-stage envelopes much easier (there are 7 parameters PER envelope + looping)
* All parameters, except the mod-matrix, are on the first page
* Additional parameters (FX, formant frequencies) are accessed on floating, movable "windows"
* Drop-down menus for all "list" parameters - no need to scroll through them one-by-one
* Performance controls galore (joystick, XY pad, transposable keyboard, sliders)!
* Unfortunately, not all parameters have a MIDI CC implementation. For SysEx-only parameters, any changes on the editor are automatically synced up with the device, but the device itself will not push any changes made on it back to the editor. To enable full auto-sync via SysEx, there is a toggleable "Get" button (RED=enabled), which requests a patch update from the device every second. You shouldn't need to enable this in most cases.

OS-003+ (upcoming) recommended on NF-1m since it squashes some important bugs, but any OS should work.
OS010+ (upcoming) needed on the NF-1 to bring to the same spec as the NF-1m. The editor won't be fully functional on the NF-1 until then (but some MIDI CC control may still work).

This is one of the most sophisticated panels I've made in Lemur. Some messiness in code that I'll try to clean up later, but it has many interesting scripting tricks to make Lemur do all sorts of things it doesn't do very well otherwise. Please feel free to contact me regarding bugs and feature requests.

Many thanks to Lars Ove Toft for designing the original MIDI keyboard in Lemur!


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