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Oddity 2 Editor

  • Posted by: Richard Pearce
  • Version: 1.0
  • Upload Date: 20 May 2018
  • Downloads: 98

This is a bit of labour of love - as I knew nothing about Lemur scripting before this. Oddity 2 is a great soft synth and I liked the fact that you could apply as many LFO and envelopes as you liked - which is an easy why to program a synth. So there is a sort of mod matrix to accommodate this feature. On the XLFO/ADSR page there are two pull down menus to select the destination. There are therefore 10 mod selections. To clear the mod destination - press Reset. If you have selected something from the first pull down menu and you change your mind you have to then press reset if you want to select a choice from the 2nd menu. The Mod1 -> 5 and Mod6-> 10 pages allow fine tuning of the LFO depth and an easy way of switching between different synced LFO times. I am aware that I could have chosen more mod destinations - but ran out of space. If enough people request some choices I can implement this. Let me know if there are any more bugs. I tried to attach the config file for the Oddity 2 as some of the midi CCs are not mapped, but couldn't work how to do this. My music can be found at


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