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DSI MOPHO meets AKAI MidiMix

  • Posted by: d t
  • Version: 5.3.5
  • Upload Date: 4 January 2020
  • Downloads: 68

the templates combines the hardware controller akai midimix with desktop synth dsi mopho, and expanse the midimix up to 4 separate knob pages and a step control of the 4 sequencer tracks (limited to a maximum of 9 steps).
you can switch between the 4 pages using the bank buttons in combination.
of course you can use the template stand alone.

the controller assignment of the midimix is the following (all CC):

knob row 1: 1-8
knob row 2: 9-16
knob row 3: 17-24

button row 1: 25-32
button row 2 [solo]: 33-40
button row 3: 41-48

fader: 49-57

the connection from midimix to lemur is fixed at target1 (in/out) and and channel 1.
for the mopho you can choose the target and channel by yourself. I used target 0, midi channel 1.

have fun!

screenshot: page A


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