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ElasticFriend™ (Elastic Drums iOS)

  • Posted by: midisexual
  • Version: 0.3.2
  • Upload Date: 11 March 2020
  • Downloads: 115

I've been really enjoying jamming in Elastic Drums on the iPhone as it has a lot of options with the Pure Data patches and sampler. Over time I have run into issues with ElasticDrum, but as I love the workflow and power inside I've stuck with it.

To work around some of the quirks/limitations I've created ElasticFriend™, a Lemur template run on a second device (I use an iPhone 4s) connected via bluetooth for additional controls:

- Latching Jam FX - Now you can turn on stutter and delay and go back to editing your pattern. Even works with pattern switching!
- Pitch sequencer - On the iPhone programming pitches in Elastic Drums is pretty much impossible. You can use this sequencer to change the pitch of a chosen track, either for automation recording or for some insanity live.
- Pattern Sequencer - Similar to the pitch sequencer but you can automate program changes.

Version history:
0.3.2 - Improvements to pitch sequencer with wider range, notes visualization, setting of scales via scales page, glide mode. Using some scale code from
0.2.0 - Initial release with Latching Jam fx, basic Pitch sequencer and Pattern Sequencer

To setup and use ElasticFriend™:
- On your Lemur device (if it is iOS), download midimittr to allow that device to be discovered as a bluetooth midi controller. Turn on bluetooth.
- In midimittr, go to the advertise section and advertise your device
- On your Elastic Drums device, turn on bluetooth and load the app. Go to mix, open the settings and click bluetooth midi. Connect to your Lemur device. Click done, and if your device is like mine Elastic Drums will crash, but the setting will hold when you reload the app. When you reload the app set the midi in to CH 1 and turn on Note in for your Lemur device (at the bottom of mix settings).
- In Lemur, load the template. ElasticFriend™ uses Target 2 so add targets until you have a Target 2 and ensure the "To" section's target is your Elastic Drum iPhone. Currently ElasticFriend™ uses its own internal midi clock, so make sure to disable "Slave Clocks to midi" and set the bpm in that tab.
- Now you should be good to go to jam :).

Note: to use the pitch sequencer you will need to use midi learn and set each Lemur track's pitch cc to the same as what's coming out of ElasticFriend™. These are currently cc 80-85 on channel 1. You could choose to map these to any ElasticDrum parameters, tho the step sequencer is based around giving you one octave up/down from a starting pitch.
Note2: Mute/pitch-change while sequencing patterns will lead to your patterns becoming altered and messy. Its fun but you may want to save first :P


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