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YAMAHA MX49 MX61 MX88 Mini Performance Editor

  • Posted by: samuel sam
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  • Upload Date: 28 August 2020
  • Downloads: 117

The Yamaha MX Series (MX49, MX61, MX88) require an external editor to change each part's midi channel, velocity and key range. I wrote this panel so I can use my iPhone to assign midi channel 1 to part 1 (piano), part 3 (dx7-ii) and part 4 (analog pad); then I can add part 2 (synth brass) using the layer button. The Vycro, Midi Quest and Melas editors are great tools. I prefer to use Lemur on my iPhone so I don't have to carry an ipad/laptop to a gig.

This is sized for an iPad but also works on an iPhone.

Set your MX Device ID to 1. Send your Lemur output using Device 0 to MX Port 1. Part 1 uses Midi channel 1 and Part 2 uses Midi channel 2. You can change the other two parts to any channel. If you need more channels, just duplicate the Default 2 folder and edit the sysex strings.

The panel shows you how to send sysex parameter changes to Yamaha MX workstations using midiout(); how Yamaha splits value bytes to cover a detune range of 0-255; how to display knob values using floor() and modulus (%); and how to map note names and octaves to note numbers using if() and setattribute(). Sam!


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