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DSI Tetra (Mopho) Knob Assign Editor

  • Posted by: samuel sam
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  • Upload Date: 28 August 2020
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I made this template so I can edit and test Dave Smith DSI Sequential Tetra programs using the Assignable Parameters knobs and an iPhone. I can place the iPad and the Tetra on my lap and work almost anywhere without an external keyboard or laptop.

Tap a pad and the Tetra's four knobs are reassigned to the listed group. This is based on the function of the four knobs on the Prophet 12 rack.

The 2 octave keyboard has adjustable octave and velocity. Included are a mod pitch ribbons. Each pad sends note on and note off. Sorry there is no glide between keys.

Set your Global Tetra ID to 1. Set Global Receive Parameter Changes as NRPN.

Send your Lemur output using Midi 0 to the USB port of your Tetra. Use the Edit B button to edit the B layer. Write your program directly to the Tetra. Archive your program using a separate sysex program.

I have not tested, but this should work with a DSI Mopho too.

The panel shows you how to send multiple nrpn control changes to a Dave Smith Tetra using midiout(); how to use offsets, floor() and modulus (%) to change octave ranges; how to write velocity value to a variable; and how to send pitch bend data using a fader.

The Soundtower and Midiquest computer editors are great! I prefer to use my iPhone so I don't have to bring a computer or an iPad to a gig. Sam!


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