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  • Posted by: Softcore
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 30 September 2020
  • Downloads: 323

CoreSequencer is a monoSequencer with:
- 16 steps, 1/16th division mapped to Clock 0
- Ability to select all or individually Octave, Note, Step, Velocity and perform initialization with user defined init value, invert, randomization with range setting.
- "Exclude" function of notes randomization to produce desired results (i.e. scale, etc)
- "Smooth" function for velocity values. After velocity has been randomized, you can smooth out the results for a more natural listening feeling.
- randomization of active steps with "probability". You can define how populated the steps will be by using the probability percentage.
- snapshots-morph feature: take two snapshots of settings you like, and use the "morph" slider to "morph" between the two. Enabling physics for the morph slider, results in everchanging patterns.
- 16 presets system. Save your pattern into one of 16 preset slots.
- (experiment) Chain mode. When active, you can create longer patterns by using the preset system. Then you can define how many presets you want chained and the sequencer will "play" these presets in sequence resulting in a pattern as long as 16x16 steps.
- settings page to define midi channel for outgoing midi and init values


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