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VDMX - 2 Channel Video Mixer

  • Posted by: Erland S
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  • Upload Date: 24 November 2020
  • Downloads: 101

VDMX and Lemur templates provide controls for two media bins, a crossfader, and source playhead/composition parameters in a simple two-layer video mixing setup in VDMX.

Content/Control Tab:
• Media bin Trigger Mode, navigation controls, eject
• Clip trigger by index (max 24 clips)
• Layer scaling: Fill / Fit
• Source Play Mode (forward/reverse), Loop Mode (fwd or fwd->rev.), enable/disable clock sync, measure count (1, 4, 8 ,16), resync to clock/measure
• Playhead position/seek
• Set/Reset In-Point
• Play/Pause
• Set/Reset Out-Point
• Layer Opacity, Show/Hide

Blending Tab:
• Current Comp Mode display, Layer Opacity, Show/Hide layer
• Open GL Add & Over modes
• Quartz and GLSL Transition modes
• Selected GLSL Blend modes

Crossfade section:
• Cut Left & Right, Fade Left & Right, TCM crossfade position, Center trigger (fades both layers 50/50)

Basic workflow:
• Add the Video Layer Control Module to a Lemur layout
• Add a new Control Surface plugin to VDMX and import "Lemur - Video Layer Control Surface.json"
• Update all OSC receivers and sends within the control surface (update paths according to the module name in Lemur).
• Map items in the control surface to Media Bin, Layer Src, and Layer Composition controls.

In the zip file:
• Lemur template
• A reusable single-channel module to control one layer and one media bin.
• Importable VDMX control surface (JSON file) to help make it easier to add controls to custom VDMX projects, and simplify mapping OSC messages from Lemur.
• VDMX demo project


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