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Advanced Keys v3

  • Posted by: Softcore
  • Version: 3.0
  • Upload Date: 26 January 2021
  • Downloads: 310

Advanced Keys v3 is a midi keyboard capable to send velocity and aftertouch messages. Velocity is dependent on the position of the fingers on the Y axis of the keys. Aftertouch is generated in relation to the distance travelled by the finger along the Y axis of the key. Also the keys X axis can be assigned to Midi CC or pitchbend essentially making the keys 2-dimensional controllers.
1. two configuration modes: "split keyboards" feature two independent rows of keys with their own midi channel and settings or "chained keyboard" which makes the two rows one 24-keys keyboard with unified settings.
2. Ability to select midi channel for top and bottom row of keys
3. Pitchbend and modulation wheel which is assignable to any midi CC.
4. Ability to use fixed velocity instead of key Y axis related
5. Range settings for both velocity and aftertouch
6. Settings to "invert" the values of velocity and aftertouch
7. Channel pressure and key pressure (true aftertouch) are supported.
8. Settings for channel pressure "fallback value".
9. Ability to "assign" aftertouch to midi CC or pitchbend, independently of the actual aftertouch midi output, with range settings.
10. Ability to "assign"keys X axis to midi CC or pitchbend with range settings.
11. Scale selection: ability to select a root note and scale

PDF manual included


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