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Sequencomat V3 lite

  • Posted by: Mat
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 22 January 2012
  • Downloads: 2875

Step sequencer with 6 track 16 steps

3 clockoptions:
midimaster, midislave, rewireslave

independent trackvalues for:
timing, play direction, Midichannel, steprange, startpoint

stepvalues for:
octave, note, velocity, length

global swing function

x/y for controlling CC and/or triggering notes

50 patterns to save and jump in realtime

all patterns and setting can be saved in max

works with any DAW or direct with hardware using the free max runtime (no need to buy max); runs parallel with max4live and MU

uses OSCtarget1 to communicate (bidirectional) with Max/MSP, all Midi send by maxpatch (!) to any midiport on your computer

Zip contains Ipad surface ("flip" and normal) and legacy resolution, maxpatch work with each of these (but only one per time).

complete manual:



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