Custom Solutions


Richie Hawtin / Plastikman

Liine designed several key software components for Plastikman Live

In 2010, the Liine team worked with Richie Hawtin to make Plastikman Live come to life. The setup is built around a very large Live Set (approximately 140 tracks by 200 scenes). It was impossible to quickly navigate the set and control all the different plugins with existing controllers. We built several key software components to make it easy for Hawtin to play through the set, tweak all the effects and make the show possible. Plastikman Live premiered at Timewarp 2010 in Mannheim. Much of the software below was used in public for the first time there.

  • Kapture: Designed to capture and recall snapshots of the whole Live Set. This was the first device to offer such "total recall" functionality.
  • JazzMutant Lemur templates for effect and plugin parameter controls
  • Griid: The first Liine product was prototyped on the Plastikman Live tour and premiered at Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2010.
  • Exponential tempo fader


Liine provided on-site custom development for Orbital.

The duo Orbital, formed of brothers Phil and Paul, has been active since 1989 and is truly a legend of techno and rave music. They contacted Liine in early 2012 for some help preparing their upcoming live tour. Gareth and Etienne from Liine traveled to Orbital's studio and spent a week brainstorming and developing custom software. The result is four linked iPads running the Griid app, with a fifth iPad running Lemur. Liine provided the following services:

  • On-site support
  • Custom builds of Griid
  • Custom Mac app for network routing
  • Lemur programming

Sub Focus

Liine provided a custom templates and LiveControl 2 features for Sub Focus.

Sub Focus is well known for over a decade for his unique take on Drum & Bass and Electronic music. Liine have worked with Sub Focus on several occasions, helping him to bring the live and improvised elements of his live performances to the next level. Constant communication between the teams allowed Liine to deliver a custom version of LiveControl 2 tweaked to match his performance style, as well as a bespoke template for the Max for Live BufferShuffler effect, and a custom version of Ambivalent Beats.

Check out the Sub Focus Artist Page for more photos and info.

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy


Liine provided consulting to Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy for their Luna tour in 2011. They used four iPads running a variety of software from Liine and our friends. In their live setup, each iPad was dedicated to a single app:

  • Griid Pro
  • Kapture Pad
  • TouchOSC
  • Konkreet Performer

Steve Ferlazzo

Steve Ferlazzo, keyboardist for Avril Lavigne, was looking for a solution that would allow him to run duplicate copies of Ableton Live on two separate computers, yet control both of them with a single controller. He contacted Liine and we built a special version of Griid called Griid Red (Red is for redundant). Griid Red can connect to two different computers on the same network, control both Ableton Live sessions and automatically switch to displaying the second computer if the first one crashes.

Laura Escudé

Violinist, composer, sound designer, music technologist and Ableton Certified Trainer Laura Escudé is a leading figure in the contemporary electronic music and music technology realms, a visionary for the future of music. Laura has worked with numerous artists and companies like Cirque du Soleil, Kanye West, Bon Iver, Drake, Niyaz, J.J Abrams, Herbie Hancock, has been featured in Electronic Musician and on Create Digital Music and has performed and released her own brand of electronic music for the last decade.

In her work with Bon Iver, she looked to Liine's Kapture Max for Live device to seamlessly switch effect presets. We provided consulting to optimize the Live Set and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Says Escudé: "Liine’s Kapture plugin has proved to be a game changer for my work in designing custom music technology solutions for artists, as well as in my own musical work. The company is dedicated to creating forward thinking applications—their understanding of the current climate in music as well as their passion for pushing boundaries is outstanding!"


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