Skram Update
Skram gets major update. Four great sounding new instruments available in app as well as new connectivity features: Ableton Link, Inter-App Audio and AudioCopy. App now FREE.
Introducing Skram
Skram has everything you need to make electronic music on your iPad and quickly get great sounding results. Create killer sounds, riffs and grooves. Record the result.
Lemur now on Android
Following Lemur’s 10th birthday, Liine is proud to announce Lemur on Android. Lemur, the world’s best MIDI/OSC controller app, is immediately available on Google Play.
Lemur 10 Year Anniversary
It’s hard to believe, but it’s 10 years since a prototype of Lemur was presented at IRCAM, the revolutionary touch controller which came years before touch phones and tablets took over our lives.

To celebrate, we’re having a birthday party in Bordeaux this Saturday with Lemur users Alva Noto, Max Cooper and Felix Martin from Hot Chip. Will you join us?
4D Spatial Sound Hack Lab. Apply now.
Open call for musicians, artists, producers, patchers, makers to come and create on the 4D system at Amsterdam Dance Event this October. Deadline for applications is September 14. Read about the week’s full programming and how to apply.
Canvas Learning Pack
This collection of JZMLs and JZLIBs will help you learn Canvas, as well as giving you some immediately useable widgets such as faders and LCD number readouts, as well as a very special surprise Max MSP example! This is a must have for all Lemur 5.0 users.
Lemur 5.0
Lemur 5.0 introduces major new features, including Canvas and Sequencer objects. The update is available now on iTunes, free for existing users and new low price for new users.
LiveControl 2
The long-awaited Live iPad controller from Liine and ST8 is finally here. Built on what we learned from making Mu, Griid, Kapture Pad and Lemur, LiveControl 2 gives you every single feature you need to jam, produce and perform with Ableton Live. Best of all, LiveControl 2 is completely free for all Lemur users.
Remiix Marc Houle Update
Featuring 28 new bass lines and 32 new drum loops produced by Marc Houle himself, this update brings a whole new range of possibilities to the table. Enter the mind of Marc Houle with a completely redesigned app layout and be in control of the soundboard.
Lemur 4.0 Update
Lemur has evolved. Now easier to use than ever, more customisable and with more out-of-the-box functionality. Click through to learn about In App Editor, Skins and LiveControl 2.
4D Sound + Lemur at ADE 2012
Lemur was used as a controller for this amazing, experimental sound diffusion rig. The Liine crew was present for a presentation and demonstration of the setup. Click through for a gallery.
Rheyne Jammer
Enigmatic live musician Rheyne, known for his series of YouTube improvisation videos, shares one of his Ableton Live sets, as well as a complete behind-the-scenes video tutorial.
LModIt Lite
LModIt Lite is a compact modular system for creating massive amounts of modulation data. LModIt Lite is also one of the most complex and elegant example of Lemur template programming we have ever seen!
Skoozbot presents SL-M1
Skoozbot, who contributed a track to Remiix Plastikman, now shares part of his personal performance setup with the Lemur community. The innovative SL-M1 lets you control Native Instruments' Maschine effects like never before.
Smudge. lets you play with the ENTER.Interakt installation at Space Ibiza 2012. Warp the Smudge out of shape and listen as the sine tones morph and modulate. Smudge also works in standalone mode, headphones highly recommended!
CDR Berlin
Summer is activity time! The Liine crew is participating at the CDR Berlin iOS Music Meet event on July 12. Come on down to hang out with Mike Huckaby, Robert Lippok and Henrik Schwarz for an evening of iOS music.
Liine at Sonar 2012
The Liine crew will be present at the Minus space in Barcelona for a presentation of new Lemur features and insight into the Plastikman Live setup. Special guest Ambivalent will showcase his new performance tools.
Enter to win Hybrid Control!
Livid and Liine have teamed up to create truly unique Ableton Live control experience. Griid and Code can now be linked as a single controller. Furthermore, Griid now includes full Core MIDI support!
Remiix Dusty Kid
Hot off the release of his album Beyond That Hill, Dusty Kid now has his own Remiix app. Combine, transform and rearrange tracks from this underground techno Italian artist.
Premium Content: LFO Studio
Have you ever wished your controller included LFOs? This Lemur Project gives you exactly that. Generate waveshapes and use the accelerometer to record your own. Control has never been easier.
Remiix Marc Houle
Remiix Marc Houle lets you combine, transform and rearrange tracks from the seminal Canadian techno artist. Why are the vocals pitched down so low?
Lemur released for iOS
Liine is proud to confirm the rumors and deliver the goods. Lemur, the legendary multi-touch OSC and MIDI controller is now available for iOS. Check out the videos, download the templates and get inspired.
Remiix Minus
Just in time for the 2011 holidays, Liine, in collaboration with Minus, delivers the latest edition in the Remiix series. Remiix Minus lets you play with ten hit tracks from the label's catalogue. Why are all the vocals pitched down so low?
Remiix Oliver Huntemann
As a follow-up to the recent release of Oliver Huntemann's Paranoia", Liine is very proud to present the interactive version of the album. Remix 6 tracks and experience the dark german techno sound.
Remiix Dubfire Contest
In collaboration with SCI+TEC, win a release on SCI+TEC Digital Audio. Two new songs are included - Roadkill and RibCage. Download the update, record your best performance, collect votes and good luck!
Kapture Pad gets a free update
Kapture Pad 1.2 adds Global Morphing between snapshots. Set the beat-synced global morphing timer and go! Modulate your whole Live Set like never before. We also improved the speed of Track Morphing and fixed a handful of bugs.
Remiix Rave at Sonar 2011
John Acquaviva and Richie Hawtin played at the world's first ever Remiix Rave, held during Sonar 2011, using their own apps. Members of the audience were then invited to rock the house with Remiix.
Remiix Acquaviva & Giacomotto
Remix six tracks by John Acquaviva and Olivier Giacomotto. Definitive Recordings presents six of their hit tracks, all divided into perfectly synced loops ready for you to play with.
Griid user guide released
Still confused about iPad Ableton Live control? The new user guide covers all the features of Griid and Griid Pro. Check it out and while you're at it, don't forget to check out the forum.
Remiix Luna - Stephan Bodzin Vs. Marc Romboy
Remiix your way to another world. Mix and match swirling synth melodies, ethereal harmonies, the punchiest electronic drums and fattest analogue basslines. Go intergalactic - Remiix Luna!
Griid Pro gets a Miixer
Griid Pro gets a free special upgrade with the Miixer module. Choose any fader on any track in any combination. Control volume, pan and up to 12 sends (the maximum allowed in Ableton Live). Griid in-app purchases (Miixer and Cliip) coming soon.
Kapture Pad is released
Liine extends Ableton Live with the Kapture Pad app on iPad or iPhone. Kapture and recall Global and Track Snapshots. Use the Morph Pad to morph anything in your Live set - an incredible new way to perform electronic music.
Remiix Dubfire
Remiix Dubfire is now available on iTunes. Dubfire's sound has been described by DJ Magazine as "jet-black, polished chrome techno." Recombine the parts from his tracks Emissions, Rejekt, Rabid as well as his collaborations with Oliver Huntemann: Fuego, Dios and Diablo.
Remiix Joris Voorn
The Remiix series of interactive music apps continues with Remiix Joris Voorn. Experience what it's like to perform club hits that have smashed the dancefloors of top clubs and massive raves worldwide. Remix 6 tracks from Dutch techno DJ Joris Voorn on your iPhone or iPad.


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