Griid - The most fluid and reliable clip grid controller for Ableton Live.

Griid Pro - The Ableton Live iPad and iPhone controller app used by professionals.


Griid - iPad

Griid & Griid Pro were discontinued on July 1 2013. There will be no further updates, however support will continue until December 31 2013.

The core Griid clip launcher module is the most fluid and reliable clip grid controller for Ableton Live. If you need the best clip launcher on the market, you need Griid on your iPad or iPhone – pure and simple.

Using specialised designed graphical object objects and touch gestures, Griid is carefully designed with the performance experience in mind. Finely tuned for rapid navigation, you can enjoy the freedom of playing Ableton Live sets of any size with ease. Griid features explicit visual feedback meaning that you have all the information you need, quite literally at your fingertips!

Now independently zoomable in both track and scene dimensions!


Griid - Details

Clip Grid
A clean layout without clutter: everything's where you need it to be. Experience the lowest latency touchscreen clip launcher. Gestures for scrolling and zooming are handled in their own areas. The instant you touch a clip means one thing and one thing only: launch.



Griid Pro Overview

Overview is one of Griid's truly unique features. Simply press View, conveniently located in the lower-right corner, to generate a bird's eye view of your whole Live set, large or small. With each clip reduced to a tiny rectangle, you can touch anywhere in the Overview to jump immediately to that part. Griid is the only controller that makes clips at different ends of your Live set next-door neighbours!


Griid Pro Quo

"Should I buy Griid or Griid Pro?"

Griid includes the core clip launcher module. Universal binary supports iPad and iPhone. Cliip is available as an In-App Purchase. Miixer will soon be available.

Griid ProGriid Pro
Griid Pro is Liine's full suite controller app for Ableton Live and iPhone or iPad. It includes the Cliip and Miixer modules for free.

Griid Features

  • 11 x 11 clip grid in landscape; 8 x 16 in portrait on iPad.
  • 6 x 6 clip grid in landscape; 4 x 8 in portrait on iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Fluid clip and scene launching and stopping.
  • Full clip information: name, colour, playing status, loop/one-shot position.
  • Track names, scene names and scene colours.
  • Smooth inertia scrolling.
  • Whole Live set Overview mode. Move anywhere with a tap.
  • Tap track header to show playing clip.
  • Clip grid independently zoomable in track and scene dimensions.
  • Large font mode.
  • Enable/disable scene launching.
  • Dedicated safe space for scrolling in the scene area.
  • BPM scene names highlighting.
  • Required: Ableton Live 8.3.4+ / 9.0.2+
  • Minimum OS X version 10.6


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