Hybrid Control

Hybrid Control

Livid and Liine have teamed up to create truly unique Ableton Live control experience. Griid and Code can now be linked as a single controller. This hybrid concept is an innovative combination of multitouch and hardware.

Liine have often stated that the ultimate control setup involves both hardware and multitouch. They've put this approach into practice when building custom solutions for artists such as Orbital, Plastikman or Avril Lavigne's keyboardist Steve Ferlazzo. And now, if you are a Griid and Livid Code owner, you can experience the power of hybrid control yourself.


  • Four modes for Code: Mixer, EQ, Devices (x2)
  • Code track selection from Griid
  • Griid navigation synced in Code
  • Revised scripts for Ableton Live


Hybrid Control is built into Griid as of version 1.14.6. Simply update the app, get the new installer and follow the instructions in the updated manual. Code support is available on http://lividinstruments.com/.

The contest is now over. Thanks to everybody for participating, the winner will be contacted soon.


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