Griid - The most fluid and reliable clip grid controller for Ableton Live.

Griid Pro - The Ableton Live iPad and iPhone controller app used by professionals.


Griid & Griid Pro will be discontinued as of July 1 2013. There will be no further updates, however support will continue until December 31 2013.

Miixer introduces track based navigation: any fader on any track in any combination. Options include ultra-fine resolution and volume limiting. Miixer is free in Griid Pro and will be soon available as an In-App purchase in Griid.

Miixer offers unique mixer control for Ableton Live. Instead of emulating a hardware surface with a fixed panel, Miixer lets you easily choose which faders you want on which track. Only need to fade out two tracks? No problem!

Miixer gives you quick access to volume, pan and all sends on your audio and MIDI tracks. Besides the customiseable layout, you also have the option of tapping the Miixer button to quickly show or hide all faders. Both relative and absolute touch modes available. Move your finger further away from the fader to increase precision - just like the movie player on your iPhone/iPad! Switch on 0dB limiting to make sure the volume faders never go above unity gain. See which tracks are playing at a glance with the new Loudness Indicator LEDs.

The Miixer module runs on both iPad and iPhone. Miixer is included for free in Griid Pro and will soon be available as an In-App purchase in Griid.

Miixer - iPadMiixer - iPhone

Miixer Features

  • Track based navigation: choose any fader on any track.
  • Miixer button: show/hide all faders.
  • Support for the maximum number of sends in Ableton Live.
  • Variable precision fading.
  • Option to limit volume at 0dB.
  • Absolute or relative touch mode for all faders.
  • Fader size matches zooming in clip grid.
  • Stereo Loudness Indicators on each track.


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