Smudge was created for the ENTER.Interakt room at Space Ibiza during the 2012 season. The app is now discontinued.

Smudge lets you play with the ENTER.Interakt installation at Space Ibiza 2012.

In the ENTER.Interakt room, all connected Smudge devices are activated in turn. The shape of your Smudge will determine the type of sound and light which will occur upon activation. Your Smudge is activated when you see it pulse, triggering a corresponding audio/visual event in the room.

Smudge also works outside the ENTER.Interakt room. Create your own sequences, or connect with others near you automatically. Standalone mode lets you design the entire sequence of 16 smudges. Warp them out of shape and listen as the sine tones morph and modulate. Collaborative mode lets you and your friends automatically connect Smudge on your iPhones to share the same sequence. Experience your own version of the ENTER.Interakt room! Headphones highly recommended.

Smudge. is part of ENTER.
Music. Sake. Technology. Experience.

Smudge. is a free download.


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