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Canvas Learning Pack

This collection of JZMLs and JZLIBs will help you learn Canvas, as well as giving you some immediately useable widgets such as faders and LCD number readouts. A collection of tutorial templates with commented scripts will walk you through many of Canvas functions, including topics such as Paths and Hit Regions. This is a must have for all Lemur 5.0 users.

LModIt Lite is a compact modular system for creating massive amounts of modulation data. This is a serious tool that lets you design realtime control curves with a scientific degree of precision.
LModIt Lite is one of the most complex and elegant example of Lemur template programming we have ever seen. Aspiring template designers will enjoy having a peek under the hood and see how scripting was used to create a dynamic user interface. In fact, the full version of LModIt, which may one day be released to the public, features eight times more modules!
Jay has a background in electronics and programming. He occasionally plays the roleof a producing artist by creating music. He set aside soldering a modular synthesizer to create LModIt Lite.


Step-by-step explanations of many Canvas functions, with simple scripts and commented code. This is the practical companion to the Canvas documentation.


Working widgets and visual eye-candy. This collection gives you material you can integrate right away into your Lemur templates. Dig into the code to learn more how these are made.


One example in particular stands out, a proof of concept contribution by artist and longtime multitouch guru Mathieu Chamagne, this patch demonstrates displaying waveforms in Canvas.


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