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MuMu, initially released in early 2010, was the first fully integrated multitouch Ableton Live controller. Taking advantage of the doors opened by Max for Live and the Live API, Mu lets you control every single aspect of Ableton Live with multitouch. The latest version has been reviewed and updated to fit the iPad's high resolution.

Every single Device (Audio and MIDI effects) can have its own specialised layout. If there's any little modification you'd like, you can easily modify these or create your own. With the integrated physics of the Lemur, you get an extra layer of modulation built right into your controller.

Mu was created out of a desire to build the ultimate controller for Ableton Live. With our entirely plug and play system you can finally touch Ableton Live and simply focus on the music. For the adventurous, the open architecture of Mu will provide a wonderful starting point for your own Max for Live experimentations and performance systems.

Mu requires Ableton Live 8.2.x and Max for Live.

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