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Rheyne Jammer

Real improvised electronic music

Rheyne has been getting serious attention in the music tech underground recently through his series of improvised jams on Youtube. It's no surprise why, really. Rheyne is playing real live electronic music. That means he's improvising beats and melodies, resampling himself and tweaking the results. He was kind enough to prepare this demo set so we could share this with everybody. At a time when many performers are happy to simply press play, Rheyne's approach is a breath of fresh air. He has a serious background playing with bands, and this influence is clear in his approach to producing and playing.

Secrets revealed

Download the package and you will get not only the Lemur template, but also the full Ableton Live set used in the demo video. Use this to play and get familiar with Rheyne's approach, or break it down to adapt the techniques for your own setup. It's a rare opportunity to get the full breakdown of a live set.


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